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My name is Wendell Murray. E-mail me. Or call me at 484-678-9681. 


Income tax return preparation

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Individual, all types including non-resident alien (1040NA)Retirement-related
Corporate, C and S Healthcare-related
PartnershipsTax preferences
Fiduciary, Trust and EstateAlternative minimum tax (AMT)
Local Deductions
Filing status

I have prepared income tax returns professionally since 2003. I worked two seasons for H&R Block in several offices in Chester County PA, including Block's Premium office which prepares more complicated individual, corporate, partnership and fiduciary returns. I have worked on my own during the tax season since then. I qualified for the Enrolled Agent designation in 2005. Go here to see my Enrolled Agent certificate. This permits me to represent taxpayers in all matters before the IRS.

I have many years of business experience and an outstanding knowledge of accounting. This knowledge and experience - along with an exceptional knowledge of federal and state tax laws and regulations - help me to provide the highest quality of tax preparation and advice to clients. I also enjoy the work thoroughly.


Prices include federal, state and local tax returns. 

Individual returns with one or two W-2 forms usually cost $75-$100. Higher prices apply to more complicated returns that require more calculations or more forms. I can generally estimate the price before the return is done.

The fee for tax return preparation in subsequent years is often lower because much of the data is already entered into the software.

Type of returnFromTo
Individual returns$75$300
Other returns$300$500

Turnaround time

Depending upon the complexity of the return and the availabilityy of informalitytion  needed to complete the return, I can usually complete a return with a turnaround of 2-4 days. In a rush I can usually complete any return within a day assuming I have all necessary backup documents.

Electronic filing

To electronically file most returns there is an additional charge per return of $10.

Some returns such as Delaware's I usually prepare and file on-line through the Delaware Department of Revenue website for which there is no electronic filing charge.

Refunds can usually be deposited directly into a bank account. Tax due payments can also generally be made electronically from a bank account. For use those features I need the bank routing number and the bank account number. Alternatively physical checks can be sent and received.


I generally ask for payment by check upon completion of the returns.

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